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What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept the following payment methods: 

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Shop Pay, Union Pay.

We also offer a Quick Checkout option, where you will have the chance to store your credit card info for future purchases.

I’d like to return a product, what’s the procedure?

Our returns policy covers the following:

Non washed and non tumble-dried socks 

We accept returns and refunds for socks that have not been washed or tumble-dried, within a period of 30 days since purchase. If you have purchased our product and are not satisfied with it, we ask you to contact assistenza@drip-illegal.com within the 30 day timeframe to activated the procedure.

Washed or tumble-dried socks

We don’t accept returns or refunds for washed or tumble-dried socks. Our policy is focused on the quality of the product and the guarantee that the socks will be returned in perfect condition. We advise you to pay attention to the washing methods printed on the label to make sure that the quality of the product is protected.

I’d like to receive a refund, how may I proceed?

Refund procedure:

  1. Contact us
    If you wish to ask for a refund for a non washed and non tumble-dried product, please contact assistenza@drip-illegal.com. You will be asked to provide information on your purchase such as your order number, the date of purchase and a detailed description on why you are requesting a refund.
  2. Evaluation and approval
    Once received your refund request, we will proceed to evaluate the situation. If the product fulfills the refund requirements in accordance to our policies your request will be approved.
  3. Return of the product
    Once approved your refund request, we will inform you on how to return the product to us. An adequate sealing and shipping of the product will be your responsibility.
How long will my Drips take to arrive?

Your Drips will reach your location within 2 working days from the purchase.

It is our goal to ensure a speedy shipment of the product, as soon as possible.

Are shipping costs included?

If the order is above 100 EUR (Italy) or 100 CHF (Switzerland), shipping costs will be on us!

I live outside of Italy and Switzerland, how can I order my Drips?

We currently ship our product in Italy and Switzerland, contact our customer service ( assistenza@drip-illegal.com) to organize shipment outside these two countries!

Can I track my order?

Of course!

By logging in on our website using your purchase email, you will receive a code that will grant you access to your personal page, showing you your purchase history and current shipping statuses.

Our shipping partners will also inform you via email with the necessary tracking code for your Drips.

Is the quality guaranteed?

Quality is what we live by. Using only the finest of cottons insures us that we can guarantee comfort and style to our clients without giving up on quality and lifespan.


We are happy to support you throughout your purchase procedure.

Our customer service is available from Monday to Saturday, 08:00 to 18:00 (not including holidays). We will reply to you as soon as possible. If you want to get in touch, simply click on the chat button on the bottom right side of the screen or use the form below.

Our customer service is at your disposal, leave us a message.
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